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Special 20++ Random Questions to Ask a Guy

An answer to this question will give you an insight to his goals and dreams. You can use these questions to play the Random Questions to Ask a Guy or just use them as a fun list of questions to ask. Either way, I hope you enjoy this list of random questions to ask a guy. If he answers right away and can describe exactly what he wants to do, you know that he has thought about this before. However, if he fumbles and mumbles, you may want to steer clear. Who wants to go further with someone who has no dreams?! So you are looking for some random question to ask a guy. Well hopefully you’ll find what you are looking for in this list! Below are some completely random and unrelated questions that are all over the place. Random Questions to Ask a Guy So you are sure to find at least a few questions you like. Also, another thing you can ask about what he wears at night. Of course, nothing would be the best answer but it will let him know about your wants. Dreams can be incredibly creepy, and may even appear real. Find out what once haunted your man in his slumber.

Random Questions to Ask a Guy

What was the last thing you created?

Who is a better cook your mother or grandmother?

What book do you wish would be turned into a movie?

Is there an app that you hate but use anyways?

What was the last thing that you fixed?

Could you survive in the wilderness for a month?

What are some songs you know by heart?

What piece of technology brings you the most joy?

If you could rename the street you lived on, what would you rename it?

What do your clothes say about you?

What’s your “going to bed” routine?

What animal best represents your personality?

What piece of clothing or accessory can someone wear that immediately makes you have a bad opinion of them as a person?

What’s the fullest you’ve ever been?

What behaviors make you think a person is creepy?

Who in the movie business seems the most down to earth?

What’s the funniest or most amazing cell phone cover you have seen?

Which musical artist is greatly overrated?

What company or franchise do you wish would go out of business?

What’s the perfect temperature to set the thermostat at?

Who around you has the worst luck?

Don’t let his answer be cut off with ‘Random Questions to Ask a Guy’. Although this is an incredibly sweet comment that will melt you, keep prying for what your man truly thinks is beautiful and what defines the word itself. Maybe he perceived something differently from how you meant it. It’s good to hear this from him so you can be sensitive to this in the future. After he’s done talking, then you can explain your side—if there is an explanation. Let him know that you don’t want to intentionally hurt him. Now that you know what bothers him, let him know you won’t do it anymore.

20 Questions to Ask a Guy

As everyone defines themselves in different way, whether it’s their social status, amount of money, or the way they act around others, 20 Questions to Ask a Guy and finding out what your boyfriend thinks can uncover a lot about his personality. Now, let me share questions to ask a guy. You can use these questions according to situation like if you want to do some fun with your guy, use funny questions to ask a guy or if you are feeling horny and want t do some dirty, use dirty questions to ask a guy. 20 Questions to Ask a Guy A 40-year-old friend of mine told me about a date that she was on where the guy asked her about her favourite colour. She ended it there and then because as she explained to me, at her age, she had deep experiences of life, and if the guy was only interested in stupid, superficial and shallow things like her favourite colour, then they were incompatible. Many girls think they need to be very good in order to flirt, but it’s not like that, as it doesn’t require so. You can amaze him with your best with all the 20 Questions to Ask a Guy which are present here.  Not only guys but girls too love flirting as its fun, mysterious and it lets us feel good about ourselves.

20 Questions to Ask a Guy

Do you check me out when I walk away?

What do you think a girl should wear in bed – if anything?

What part of my body do you like kissing the most?

Do you like talking Naughty?

Have you ever Skinny Dipped?

What’s one thing you want me to do more of in bed?

Where’s the craziest place you’ve had s**?

What’s the sexiest outfit a girl should wear to turn you on?

What’s your favorite se**al position?

Which part of your body gets really turned on the most when touched?

Can you guess what color p*nti*s I’m wearing right now?

Where’s your favorite place to have s**?

What kind of foreplay do you love?

How do you like a good massage from a girl?

Which of my features do you like the most?

Do you think you’re a good kisser?

If I was with you right now, what would you do to me?

Do you like making love with the lights on or off?

What’s your favorite part of a girl’s body?

Did you ever felt horn* while texting?

Of all the naughty things we’ve done in the bedroom, which one was your favorite?

But things turn more interesting when it get a bit dirty as all the fun starts from there, so a comprehensive list of 20 Questions to Ask a Guy is here and if you follow this, it won’t take long time to make him come over you. The topic on lingerie is another hot and Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy as it will definitely make him think in that way and also you can know how much he invests in all these.  Also, another thing you can ask about what he wears at night. Of course, nothing would be the best answer but it will let him know about your wants. Also along with that, you can also ask him what he wants to see the girl wearing in the bed if anything as nothing is probably everyone wants. While saying all those, make sure you are confident enough to ask such bold questions and don’t ruin everything.

Amazing 50++ Deep Questions to Ask a Guy

Knowing the basics about someone is great. But diving deep into the crevices of one’s brain and finding out the answers to life’s deepest questions is even better Deep Questions Ask a Guy. After a few dates with a guy or even after a few months of getting to know a guy, you’ll want to get to know him more deeply and intimately. Asking him deep questions is the perfect way to do this. Try asking your boyfriend one of these Deep Questions Ask a Guy and find out what’s truly going on in the depths of his mind. We have certainly all made mistakes in life, but what does your man regret the most? Pick a good time to ask him these deep questions, such as when you are alone together, when you are already having a deep and meaningful conversation, or when he seems to be in the mood for opening up. Deep Questions Ask a Guy You don’t want to ask your guy a deep question when you’re both out at a party, you’re jogging together or doing some other high-energy activity, or if you don’t know each other well yet. Deep Questions Ask a Guy With this question you can really find out how ‘bad’ your guy was in the past and see if he truly has remorse for something terrible he has done. This could also make for a very funny story!

Deep Questions Ask a Guy

Why do some people stay in relationships that they know are toxic?

Do you think morality exists in nature or is it a human construct?

Does income inequality need to be fixed? If not, why? If so, what effective and practical methods can be used to fix the income gap?
What is the most worthwhile goal a person can dedicate their life to?

What has had the biggest impact on your political beliefs?

What is deeply unsettling?

Why is depression so stigmatized in society?

Why do people do things that they know hurts themselves and those around them?

What human trait is useful now but would have been disadvantageous in the past?

Do you think humans will survive long enough to evolve into something different or will we make ourselves extinct before we have the chance to?
Who should be responsible for taking care of the elderly, the government, their families, or the elderly themselves?

Is human consciousness just electrons flowing through neurons, or is it something beyond the physical?

If we could screen babies for psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies, should we? What should we do with the babies that are likely become psychopaths?

What do you consider a wasted life?

What stops people from understanding themselves?

If everyone’s lives were judged as to whether they had made a net positive or a net negative impact on humanity, how would you be judged?

What one thing could a government realistically do to most improve the lives of its citizens?

If a machine could exactly duplicate your mind right down to the same pattern of synapses firing, would it be you? Could it predict how you would react in every situation? Why or why not?

What are three occupations that machines will soon replace?

Will technology be humanity’s salvation, downfall, or neither? Why?

What would the perfect you be like?

But if the time is right, here are Deep Questions Ask a Guy. He can look back at his personal history and have someone to talk with about his big disappointment. He might even feel better about whatever it was after talking with you about it. These questions could be personal ones about him, about your lives together as a couple, or philosophical ones. We’ll also tell you why the question is good and what you can find out about him by asking it.

Best 50++ Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Flirting can sometimes become an awkward thing to do if you don’t have very many good, flirtatious questions to ask Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy. While flirty questions used to be mainly for the guy to ask the girl, more and more women are thinking of flirty questions to ask a guy. Of course, acting flirty and asking flirty questions are very different. When it comes to talking to a guy you’re into you want to make sure that you are asking all the right questions and letting them know that you are into them, in a subtle way.  First, you will need to know what Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy, which are shown below. You’re complementing him! That’s Grade A flirting! Especially, since you are complementing him on not just one specific feature, but his whole body. Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy She ended it there and then because as she explained to me, at her age, she had deep experiences of life, and if the guy was only interested in stupid, superficial and shallow things like her favourite colour, then they were incompatible.

Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Are you a good and a sensual kisser?

Did someone ever seen you naked?

What type of clothes you are wearing?

Ever tried to get skinny dipped?

Which outfit on your girl will make you turn on?

Last time when you dreamt about any girl?

What you think, which outfit will suit me best?

Most sensitive and sexiest part of your body?

What you wear while you sleep?

Just guess what I am wearing right now?

Ever caught while masturbating or having sex with the same gender?

Ever used a sex toy or last time you masturbated?

Phone sex or video sex or you want to come here?

Would you like to have a good massage from a girl?

What you think of a good foreplay?

Ever fantasized about sex? Your favorite sexual or hardcore fantasy?

If we both get drunk, what would you think we would do together alone?

Ever clicked your nude picture and sexted?

Naughtiest thing you have ever done?

Would you like to have a naughty chat?

Sexy Woman, according to you is?

When I walk away, do you keep your eye on me?

If I would ask you to pick a dress for me, would you help me?

Which part of a girl’s body you like the most?

In which part of the girl’s body, you think tattoo will look the best?

On which part you would love to get a touch from your girl?

With that in mind, I put together a list of questions to ask a guy that you can ask your potential partner (or end it). Or at least, give them something to talk about if you happen to have a lot of chemistry. This post is completely dedicated to Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy, but you know we can categorize questions into multiple categories according to relationship or type of mood like dirty, sexy, funny, personal, interesting, deep and etc.

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Latest 50++ Good Questions to Ask a Guy 2016

Many of the girl are very confused that what questions to ask a guy when she meet him or she meet him on date or any other place. So don't worry we tell you some questions that will work good for you and make the talk longer as much as possible so read it carefully questions to ask a guy. If you have a crush on a guy whether he will be a coworker, a classmate, a peer, or someone you met on the street, you are going to want to learn more about them. If you are getting to know the guy you are interested it, it is very important to have strong, good, cute and interesting questions to ask him that help you to make bond between the two of you. Asking all the right questions to ask a guy will help you get to know your crush and even help you decide if he is really someone you want to take the next step with.

Good Questions to Ask a Guy

1. Would you prefer to be smart or happy, and why?

2. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

3. What is your biggest regret in life so far?

4. If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be and why?

5. If money and career were no object, where in the world would you choose to live?

6. What’s the last book you read that you simply could not put down until you finished?

7. What television show do you plan your day around in order to see it live?

8. What extracurricular activities or sports did you participate in when you were in high school?

9. Of all your pet-peeves, which is the strangest?

10. Is it better to beg forgiveness or ask permission?

11. If you inherited or won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

12. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

13. Which fictional character do you believe is the most like yourself?

14. Are you superstitious? If so, what are you most superstitious about?

15. Do you believe it is vital to everyday life to know what is happening in the world around you?
16. What is the nicest thing anybody has said, or you believe they would say, about you?

17. What are your life and career goals in 5, 10 and 15 years?

18. Would you rather live in a large house in the suburbs, or a tiny apartment in the city with an excellent view?
19. What are you three weaknesses?

20. How would you describe yourself in three words?

21. Which is more logical to follow—your heart or your head?

22. Are you spiritual or religious in any way? If so, how?

23. If you could have any career possible, what would it be?

24. Have you ever been arrested or contracted any diseases?

25. Which is better—a novel or a movie?

Here you get Good Questions to Ask a Guy related stuff that will help you alot. Each and Every woman at the beginning of the love relationship, should ask a guy about the following questions, and some even in the phase of seduction and courtship. Some answers you might not like it, but it’s better to find out the truth before development of deeper feelings.